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We offer full service Architecture, Engineering, and Construction firms that specialize in correcting all Florida Building Code violations for commercial, industrial and residential real estate. Our team of licensed professionals can produce drawings and calculations to help you meet all requirements for permits and stop work orders…
Building and Zoning Violations 101
Homes in Miami with building or zoning violations are much more common than you might guess. This does not necessarily mean that a person trying to sell such a house is unscrupulous or dishonest – in many cases, the seller simply has no ideas the Miami violations exist. Be that as it may, you certainly do not want to purchase a home and then find out about potentially serious problems. We can remove all doubt, ensuring that your home is safe before you buy it! Keep in mind that in most cases, you are out of luck if you buy a house with Miami building or zoning violations. These types of problems are attached to the property; once you sign on the dotted line, you likely have little or no claim on the former owner to correct the problem. Fixing the Miami code violations, and the expense and hassle that process involves, will then be up to you. If you detect the problem before finalizing the purchase of the house, however, you can have the owner correct the problem at their expense before you buy. The prevalence of Miami building and zoning violations in this part of Florida is primarily due to the fact that many remodels are done without proper permits. Even homes that are built with all permits in order may sometimes never be properly inspected, leading to further problems.

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Am I responsible for unpermitted work done by the previous homeowner?
YES! The Miami building code’s primary purpose is Life Safety of the owner and the public so building code violations in Miami must be corrected regardless of who performed or contracted the work. Even though the Miami Building Department may not have violations on file they may be cited upon inspection of sale or Certificate of Occupancy with the current owner becoming immediately responsible for the code violations.
What are Miami Building and Zoning Violations?
A wide variety of different issues can be classified as Miami code violations, from construction without the proper permits to a fence being too high in a residential neighborhood. Electrical, plumbing, structural and grading problems, just to name a few, can all be Miami code violations. Both commercial and residential buildings can have Miami code violations; our job is to properly identify them and then present a resolution that works for you.
Do Miami Code Violations Affect the Sale of a Property?
Miami building and zoning violations, in addition to any actual physical problems with a house they may indicate, can also impede the sales process for the property. They can lead to liens on the home, potentially delaying or even preventing the completion of the sale. The most common types of projects for which permits must be requested include (but are not limited to): • Structural Projects • Condo Conversions, Multi-family Projects and Home Additions • Pools, Fences, Shutters and Garages • Roofing, Windows, Doors and Flooring Replacement • Interior and Exterior Alterations and Renovations • Demolition, Electrical, Plumbing or Mechanical Work • Permits for Restaurants, Sidewalk Cafes and Nightclubs • Violations, Red Tags and Special Master Issues Pre-Home Sale Services We Offer Include: • Microfilm Plan Recovery • Code Violation Inspections (different from typical Home Inspection) • House Elevations • Property Research • Recording of Legal Documents, Notice of Commencements, Warranty Deeds, etc.
Sidewalk Cafe Permits
Get Your Sidewalk Café Permits and Drawings Approved FAST! Our professional team specializes in obtaining sidewalk café and commercial building permits throughout Miami Beach and Dade and Broward counties.  And our prices are competitive!!! Opening a Sidewalk Cafe in Miami Beach The City of Miami Beach has undergone an incredible transformation in the last decade with investors and entrepreneurs around the world capitalizing on the City’s success. A major reason for Miami Beach’s success is the high standards consistently maintained to protect and enhance the city’s beauty
Where can I find information about investigations/permits/violations that have been made or issued?
Citizens, business and visitors now have continuous online access to their city government. This efficient, convenient and interactive website provides valuable information related to petitions, permits, licenses, inspections, etc…You may visit: www.miamidade.gov To research permits, case and licensure status visit: www.miamidade.gov/permits/
What is the cost involved when fixing a code violation?
The cost involved when fixing a code violation depends on the type of code violation or the amount that you may have existing. You would have to take into account the severity of the violation, the requirements or changes imposed by the City Building Department and all other recurring charges such as Microfilm, permit fees, etc… Because we care and want to help you resolve all your code violation issues, our firm offers 100% financing to our clients.