The Commercial Code Violations
Response Handbook

Can you imagine pouring your heart and soul into building your business – only to discover one or more costly code violations on your hands Whether you’ve built your structure, purchased one, or are temporarily leasing space, it must comply with established commercial building codes. A single violation has the potential to shut down your
business. Don’t let it happen to you!

The team at understands the commercial building code process, and we want you to as well. That’s why we’ve created a guide just for commercial property owners and managers in Florida. We’ll help you understand how the building code violations system works.

1. What is a Code Violation?

Commercial building codes are on the books to ensure structures are built and maintained correctly. These often lengthy regulations help safeguard the well-being of customers and employees.

These regulations set standards in areas such as:
  • Drainage
  • Electrical Work
  • Foundations
  • Heating and Cooling (HVAC)
  • Plumbing
  • Roofing
  • Structural Support
  • Ventilation

Unfortunately, the minutiae of code regulations mean even a seemingly pristine commercial building could have a slight flaw that violates local codes. A business in violation of local laws is considered unsafe to conduct business.

Code Violations in Florida

Florida requires that all commercial buildings meet rigorous safety requirements. Facilities must be reliable in any weather conditions, as Florida is particularly vulnerable to hurricanes and other violent storms. If the structure is not built to withstand strong winds, powerful rain, and different weather-related threats, the structure poses a danger to customers, employees, and even nearby buildings.

If your commercial building faces even slight code violations, it will require owners to act quickly to correct any issues to remain open for business.

Of course, owners can choose to maintain the status quo and ignore violation notices. Just keep in mind – failure to heed these orders could result in a myriad of financial and operational penalties.

Local Florida governments have the authority fine, close down, and even condemn and demolish buildings not compliant with local codes. It is the local government’s responsibility to protect the public’s safety, and they will act accordingly!

2. Common Commercial Code Violations

Code violations come detailed to the point that at least one is likely to arise in due time. There is even a chance that several code violations already exist throughout your commercial property. Let’s take a look at some of the most prevalent commercial code violations.

Unsafe Structures

The local building department will inspect the entirety of your commercial building to determine if it is unsafe. If there is even a minor violation of local commercial building codes, your building will be deemed unsafe.

Concealed Work

Concealed work refers to any projects that cannot undergo inspection when the building or structure reaches completion. A typical example includes any work related to a building’s structural foundations, such as lowering groundwater levels or strengthening soil foundations. If specific issues arise in the future, you will be liable for the construction phase’s mistakes!

40/50 Year Inspections

Every commercial building requires an electrical and structural inspection at the 40-year mark and also every decade following.

Railings, Stairs, and Balconies

Nearly every commercial establishment has railings, stairs, and/or balconies. Codes govern both the proper installation, placement, and safety of these items. For example, any commercial building with three or more stories is considered a public lodging establishment and must comply with the nuances of an official inspection at three-year intervals.

Work Completed Without Proper Permits

This issue is the most common commercial building code violation. If any work is done without obtaining proper permits beforehand, the structure is out of code! Handing off projects to family members, unlicensed contractors, or professionals who cut corners will cost more money in the long run.

Expired Permits

If your permit is expired, it can be renewed! This situation is often the easiest to resolve and will halt fines and potential closures.

Illegal Outdoor Seating

Sidewalk café permits are necessary to ensure that outdoor seating at commercial establishments is entirely legal. A site plan, drawings of seating, and even Life Safety Drawings are required to ensure your business is fully compliant with local commercial building codes.

Commercial Building Deterioration

A commercial structure must be maintained in an ongoing manner to prevent one or several code violations. Exterior surfaces often must not contain overtly chipped or peeling paint, mildew, missing/damaged doors, and windows, or rotting structural foundations.

3. How to Fix a Code Violation

If your commercial building is found to be in violation of one or multiple local building codes, do not panic. It is possible to fix code violations with the right group of commercial code violations experts in your corner.

Violations must be either repaired or replaced within a reasonable amount of time. However, this is easier said than done. Most business owners and managers do not have the knowledge nor the equipment, tools, and free time to fix code violations on their own.

Handling a Violation On Your Own

If you DO decide to deal with the issue on your own, you can expect:

Spending exhaustive research time vonline to identify your code compliance issue & discover the steps needed to resolve it correctly.

Spending hours on hold with your town or city’s building inspection office to confirm your online research is indeed what you need to do.

Interview and meet with multiple building contractors, negotiating price, and making sure they have the experience to fix your home’s issue by the city’s imposed deadline.

Spend MORE Time on hold to schedule a follow-up inspection once work finishes.

If your deadline to deal with the issue has passed for whatever reason, you’ll need to attend an in-person hearing with your local enforcement board. If the board issues a fine, you’ll need to pay it by a specific date (or the local government may record the outstanding balance in public records for everyone to see).

If you don’t have the funds to pay the fine, the local government may foreclose your home or sue to recover any unpaid fines – plus accrued interest.

The moral of this story? It is in your interest to lean on certified, experienced professionals to handle this confusing and potentially expensive process.

Suppose you partner with the right group of code experts. In that case, you can expect a timely and thorough appeal, repair, and re-inspection process, all without you dealing with the migraine-inducing steps listed above!

4. How We Can Help

Don’t spend your limited time, money, and energy attempting to repair code violations on your own. Handling the issue yourself or hiring an unlicensed, inexpensive option could cause further damage and lead to even more problems! Instead, partner with the commercial code violation gurus at

Our expert team will handle the entirety of your code violation issue, on your behalf, in a step-by-step, thorough manner. We ensure total property compliance with the peculiarities of local Florida building codes.

Our architects and general contractors made the Decoder to address residential code violations on behalf of locals. We provide one-stop-shopping for code violation rectification. Our services include:

  • Drawing permitting plans.
  • Closing the permit.
  • Performing the necessary repairs.
  • Ultimately providing invaluable peace of mind knowing the code violation has been addressed in a thorough and lasting manner.

We have more than four decades of combined experience between our engineers and more than three decades of experience between our contractors, electricians, and plumbers.

The Power of the “Decoder

Tap into the power of our “Decoder,” a complete system to resolve all issues related to local code requirements. Here’s how it works:

We’ll begin a discovery process to gather information about the code violation and begin analysis. We provide in-office consultations to gauge the situation to pinpoint the optimal solution for your specific case.

Our architects will assemble an action plan and present it to your local Building Department. This step is to let the city know that we’ve started to bring the property into compliance Generally, this will stop the fines from incurring.

Our team then visits the Building Department to retrieve the property’s complete history to provide a genuinely accurate service. Our engineers and architects formulate a completed building plan to ensure your property will meet all local laws pertaining to building codes. We’ll also present it to your local administrators so you can keep that suit in the closet.

Once the city approves the plans, we obtain a building permit and help you begin renovations. As a licensed general contractor, we can handle all the work in-house! .

We schedule a follow-up inspection with the local powers once work is complete. Our team is there every step of the way as this process unfolds.

Finally, there is the closeout after the mandated checks have been issued. Our team meets with the Building Department to obtain the proof necessary to show the case is closed out.

Lean on the Experts for Code Violation Corrections

Fix My Code Violation is here to handle the nuances of your commercial structure issues. Rely on our team to fix your code violation so you can continue focusing on your day-to-day operations. Our team has helped multiple Florida businesses, handling every aspect of code violation rectification projects on their behalf.

Fix My Code Violation is a firm created by Studio Lamas Architects and Three County Construction, both full-service firms specializing in architecture, construction, and engineering. We specialize in correcting all Florida building and zoning code violations for commercial, industrial, and residential properties.

Learn more about our organization by visiting our website. If you need assistance navigating your commercial code violations, contact us today!

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