We fix building code violations and stop the fines and liens in your property. From plans to permits to construction we are experts in correcting building code violations and your fastest choice in correcting code violations. Obtaining a building permit has always been a complicated experience and as the economy has come to a halt the building department and code compliance have ramped up in issuing building code violations. Property owners under quarantine finally find the time to perform upgrades to their homes and for the most part are doing this work without a permit. Building permits are needed to replace fences, replace plumbing and lighting fixtures, convert garage to living spaces, etc… but with building departments closed to the public due to the pandemic, obtaining a building permit is much harder. Code violations have once again become the busiest portion of the building department work load. With an increase of almost 20% in issued code violations and citation warnings in Miami-Dade County Building Department alone, its clear that the code compliance officers and pen reviewers will not get to stay home during this Covid-19 pandemic.

Code Compliance officers are charged with maintaining public safety so their service is considered “essential” and continue to patrol their areas.  Although it may come off as insensitive during these tough Covid quarantine times, we have to believe that they really are protecting us from ourselves. As property owners  have gone from weekend Home Depot warriors to full-time handymen on their properties its safe to assume that most really have no clue what they’re doing and in the process creating unsafe conditions and unsafe structures. What may seem like simple handyman work like switching out a plumbing fixture can cause soiled water to back flow and contaminate the water supply or an ungrounded wire can kill someone in a heartbeat. Even swapping out a wood fence can create an unsafe structure as loose posts and boards become missiles during hurricane winds. The reality is that most code violation citations are to protect us from ourselves and the building department has figured out that fines and liens are the best catalyst to get us to correct code violations.

Our office gets you the plans and permits necessary to repair your code violation and close out your case to avoid fines and liens in your property. We remain open and fully staffed during this quarantine and we continue to successfully navigate the building departments as the work at limited capacity. The code violation fines continue to add up despite the shutdown and you need code violation experts like us to quickly act on your part. Unlike the other code violation services, we are NOT a referral service, we are staffed with architects, engineers and builders that perform all you code violation corrections in-house. This means you are always talking to the person in charge of your project – from beginning to end.

Call our office at 305-222-7784 or visit our website at www.FixMyCodeViolation.com to schedule your appointment for a live site visit or virtual meeting to discuss repairing your Building code violation.