The building department is considered an essential service during this quarantine and continues to function at a limited capacity and the clock on code violations keeps counting down.

We fix code violations and our office has been flooded with new code violation cases now that homeowners are forced to stay home and decide to do some quick improvements on their home… you may not be working but the city’s Code Compliance officers are! Building code violations are on the rise during the pandemic.

Some offices such as the City of Miami Building Department, Miami Dade Building Department and City of Doral Building Department are shut down due to multiple Covid-19 cases being reported in the building but the same plan reviewers continue to work from home. They have the ability to review and approve plans via internet and are are doing their best to keep the system going and prevent a backlog. This is great news for the process overall but it also means that you don’t get an automatic extension on your building code violations. Your typical 90 day timeframe stays the same although it’s not likely they will be quick to lien but we won’t know for sure for a couple more months until life slowly goes back to normal. has been successfully submitting our plans and keeping our clients in track to quick resolution because we have managed to keep our full staff employed but other architects and contractors have not been so lucky. With almost half the miami work force currently unemployed because of the pandemic, property owners with building code violations are beginning to feel the pinch of no show architects and builders. To make the matter worse it is unclear what companies will still be around when the financial upset is finally clear to everyone. When these companies close their doors they will leave their existing clients in a bind without access to their plans and projects uncompleted.

As a company that only deals with building code violations, remains ready to help and serve property owners in need. Call our office now for a consultation via phone or online conference.