Location scouting is a vital process in the pre-production stage of filmmaking and commercial photography. This is done after scriptwriters, producers and/or directors have decided a general art direction for the scenery they require. This is basically anything that is shot outside the studio. Location scouts also look for beautiful or intriguing locations beforehand to handle any specific requests.

One of the bigger items tasked to the location scout is accessibility to building code compliance documents. This includes services such as permits, road closures, use of public property and code compliance issues.

The Perfect Location-So many Violations

You’ve done the hard part. You and your team have found the perfect location. As the production process begins the team begins to pull permits, original building plans, microfilms and other structural information and then somehow get cited with a building code violation.

Moving could be quite costly and racking up building code violation fees could be just as expensive. Not to mention you would sacrifice the “perfect” location. Here are some tips to avoid fines and moving locations:

  • Create your own checklist that allows for personnel at different levels to assess the location for different requirements including building code violations.
  • Double-check for any initial damage to the building or anything that looks out of place. It is likely for a building that is olde to have undergone re-modeling and construction.
  • Hire a specialist. Contractors are only specialized in one area of work so finding help that can touch base on many areas like architecture, construction and engineering is your best bet. This helps with time, saving money and efficiency.

Code Compliance is Boring

Our team knows that for anyone who is not passionate about architecture, construction or engineering building code compliance may be tough to digest. That’s why it’s great to find help in dealing with the process of receiving permits from beginning to end. We know that as creatives you want to create and anything that impedes your ability to create hinders your happiness and overall quality of work. Fix my Code Violation specializes in building code violations, tackling code compliance corrections and appeals head on for your convenience.