Disputing Code Enforcement Violations

Fix my Code Violation specializes in correcting building code violations. However, because of this it has allowed us to learn more about disputing these violations to help make corrections faster. Code enforcement officers are implemented by local governments throughout South Florida. These officers  enforce building codes, laws sealed to residential, and industrial properties in order to protect against threats to public health, safety, and welfare. 

There are many types of code violations you might encounter as a property owner in South Florida. Below are some of the most common code enforcement violations, according to, the lawyers at Jordan + Pascale, P.L.:

  • Abandoned Vehicles
  • Building too close to property lines – the zoning code requires minimum setbacks from property lines. Ample space from the property line also ensures safety.
  • Building without a permit – If you need to build, refurbish, move, remove, or demolish structures, you will need a permit.
  • Overgrown lots, junk in yards, vacant and unsecured properties.
  • Operating a business in a residential zone.
  • Illegal Mechanical Repairs.
  • Illegal Units / Mother in Law Suites.
  • Illegal Dumping and other Solid Waste Issues.

Things to Know

There is a sense of urgency when dealing with building code violations. When slapped with a violation you are typically given 30 days to resolve the issue. This includes correcting  any work cited for and sometimes work you have not yet been cited for. Some construction may go unnoticed but if seen by an inspector, this will delay the process and cause another violation to be issued. Alternatively, the same timeframe is given to appeal the violation as well.