In most cases, lease terms impose regulations on landlords to keep maintain premises in habitable, livable and safe conditions. Sometimes repairs may be even be reimbursed due to the nature of the building code violation. 

In other cases, the tenant may be responsible for correcting any building code violations incurred during the term of their lease. These regulations vary from state-to-state and Fix my Code Violation specializes in fixing building code violations for that reason. Additionally, the expectations of commercial tenants differ greatly from those of residential tenants. 

Generally, the role of responsibility reverses and commercial lease landlords  has fewer responsibilities and the tenant has more.

The best way to fix a building code violation in South Florida is to know about them first. The decoders at Fix my Code Violation like to think that knowledge is power and you can’t fix what you don’t know about. 

In any case, whether landlords or tenants, research is your ultimate ally. Repairs and building code violations can become costly if not remedied quickly.  Assuming landlords have to foot the bill can get you in trouble and increase the cost of a building code violation in the long run. 

Here are some tools you can use to help you stay ahead of the game:

Research Building Code Violations based on Area using the Miami-Date Building Code Enforcement website, the Miami-Dade Building Code Enforcement division has information on:

– Unsafe structures

– Work without Permits

– Expired Permits

– Commercial Regulation

– Sign Regulation

…. and more.

You will also need a team of contractors with industry know-how and expertise. Here are some premiere South Florida business’ that can help fix a building code violation:

Three Country Construction

Fix My Code Violation

Studio Lamas Architects

Stay informed! Until next time,

The Decoders, at Fix my Code Violation