Code enforcement, consists of many different hats so-to-speak. Sometimes this is related to law enforcement and is the act of enforcing certain rules and regulations, principles and laws, and observing them. In Florida, there are many titles in which code enforcement is assigned: code enforcement officers, municipal regulations officers, or other various titles depending on area of specialization.

There are multiple entities involved with ensuring compliance with laws and rules, including:

Building Code Violation Specialist, are usually full service firms.What is a full service firm? This is typically an architecture and construction company that does not sub-out any of the work. For example, Studio Lamas and Three County Construction company. The benefits of using a full-service firm in order to fix a code violation are: accessible offices and immediate answers, affordable repairs due to in-house team, and only licensed professionals will handle the project.  When looking for help in fixing Florida building code violations it’s important to know exactly who you’re dealing with and always avoid a middle man such plans processors or contractors that will have to sub-contract the floor plans for your project to a third party and ultimately delay your process. ALL code violation work begins with permit drawings and dealing with the building department. Once the drawings show ALL the corrective work that the building department requires to cure you building code violation then the permit is issued and you can stop the clock on fines.  When dealing with companies that sub-contract all of this work out there is typically a disconnect between the main office and its subcontractors and this is where the delays and added construction costs come in.

The main difference between code enforcement and building code violation specialist is that the specialist is where the process ends. Code enforcement is basically the first step and last step. The code enforcement steps begin with home inspectors and site visits. However, with code violation specialists, their job is to repair whatever building code violations you may have and provide them to the city. After the entire process is completed the last step lies in city approval, which is where code enforcement ensures that compliance with building codes is maintained.


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