We specialize in plans and permits for garage conversions and code violations in Orlando. Legalizing garage build outs is becoming more common as homeowners expand to their garages for extra space. When shopping for a new home there are always tell tale signs of un-permitted work to look for bring up the realtor because once you buy the home you own the problems.

When it comes to code violations in Orlando,  common mistake in garage conversions is not raising the garage floor level to the minimum FEMA floor elevation. As part of Federal code, the finished floor height of all living spaces must be higher than the established flood zone height referenced as the Base Flood Elevation mark (BFE). This is often a clear sign that the garage conversion was done without a permit thus, resulting in a code violation in Orlando.

If the garage ceiling is set to the same height of the main house then raising the garage floor level to that of the main house is not an issue other than some additional wood framing or concrete pouring. However, if the garage roof framing is independent of the main home and lower then tasing the floor to the FEMA Base Flood Elevation height could be an issue. As per the Florida Building Code (FBC) the minimum ceiling height for living spaces is 7′-0″ clear so raising the floor could trigger this issue.

Another common issue resulting in code violations in Orlando is work with electrical outlets that will also need to be added at the minimum required distance as per Florida Building Code (FBC) and National Electric Code (NEC). Walking into a converted garage with insufficient electrical outlets is also a red flag that that garage has been converted illegally. Additional A/C will also be needed to properly cool the new livable space to avoid overloading the existing house unit.

As part of our service we provide all the necessary drawings and calculations needed. This assures approval of the construction work and increased home value. Please call our office today to schedule a free site visit and help you find the best solution to your home garage conversion.