Welcome to Summer 2018

It is our pleasure to have served and continue serving all of South Florida. Fix My Code Violation has been busy organizing various activities for 2018 like our FREE [B]architects Social networking event. Please follow our blog to stay up to date with FixMyCodeViolation.com‘s events and other news. Alternatively, you may also follow us on social media:

Instagram: @FixMyCodeViolation

FaceBook: @FixMyCodeViolation

The [B]architects Social

FixMyCodeViolation.com is ready to present you with the first of many events: The [B]architects Social. We have partnered with local bar, The Bend Miami and local architecture firm, Studio Lamas Architects, to bring you a night of fun and industry insights. This monthly opportunity to network will surely bring forth many opportunities in the months to come. Studio Lamas is the mind behind some of Miami’s best lounges and bars like Lagniappe House, E11EVEN and Biscayne Bay Brewing Company.

The [B]architects Social is FREE and will be held every third Thursday of the month. Our next event will be held October, 18, 2018 at 5:00pm. The [B]architects social is located at The Bend Liquor Lounge. It is our hope to start the event as a networking opportunity and grow the community from there. For right now, FixMyCodeViolation.com will host the event and provide complimentary food and drink on a per person basis.

How to Attend:

Events though August

This year FixMyCodeViolation.com will be attending seminars and classes throughout Miami. These events consist of real-estate, house flipping and more… It is our goal to be as transparent as possible and inform the public of what it takes to deal with Florida Building Code from start to finish.

You can find us at:

Real Estate Social Hour: July 26 at 6pm.

Than Merrill Seminar: July 27th at 12pm.

Real Estate Social Hour: August 9th at 6pm.

[B]architects Social: August 16th at 5pm.

To keep up to date with all upcoming real estate and related industry events in Miami, sign up for our newsletters: http://fixmycodeviolation.com/news/

Our Team

We would like to acknowledge the people who contribute much to the success of FixmyCodeViolation.com during these events.  The 2018 [B]architect’s time, ideas, and talent should be recognized. Thank you to: Marketing Director, Geneviv Morales; FixMyCodeVioaltion.com Business Manager, Alison Sauri; and FixMyCodeViolation.com Secretary, Ana Souto.

These  team members will attend every event and will be your point of contact for any and all information needed regarding any of our sponsors and FixMyCodeViolation.com.

Lastly, we want to take a moment to celebrate our CEO, Orlando Lamas, R.A., NCARB, LEED A.P., for achieving an A rating (94) on ZoomBuild.com. This score represents excellent levels of work experience, customer satisfaction, licensing/certifications, and more! Congratulations!


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