We provide plans, permits and installation of grease traps for all commercial uses in South Florida.  New grease trap requirements ranging from DERM’s new 99% Efficiency requirement, new sampling ports to revised pump out frequency have made most existing grease traps non-compliant. This leaves most business owners in need of repairs to be compliant and avoid hefty fines from DERM. In Miami-Dade county, DERM (Department of Environmental Resource Management) requires all existing grease traps meet their latest requirements. All grease traps must be brought up to their 99% efficiency standards for new grease discharge devices.

In the past few months our office has been flooded with calls regarding DERM code violations and fines for non-compliant grease traps.  FOG (Fats, Oil and Grease) Operating Permits and GDO (Grease Discharge  Permit numbers are being denied because their existing or proposed grease traps do not meet the new requirements. A Miami-Dade County grease trap is now also required to be 99% efficient. This new efficiency narrows down the options in manufacturers we are able to specify and install in our typical restaurant and bar projects. However, even with the stricter requirements we have been able to correct over a dozen DERM violations related to grease traps in just the first quarter of 2018 alone… proving that theres a solution to every problem.

Who Needs a Grease Trap in Miami-Dade County?

According to Miami-Dade County DERM “any non-residential facility that handles, prepares or processes food (hot or cold), discharges or has the potential to discharge FOG to the public sanitary sewer system requires a FOG Discharge Control (FOG) operating permit. These facilities are categorized as FOG generators. Typical examples of FOG generators include restaurants, cafeterias, supermarkets, schools, banquet halls and food courts at malls or shopping centers.

FOG Discharge Control operating permits are renewed annually and are non-transferable. Notification shall be provided to the department upon sale, relocation, or legal transfer of the permitted facility. New business owners are required to secure a new FOG operating permit.”

In most cases existing grease traps have to be removed and replaced, however, we are able to do it successfully while your business is running if needed through after hour installations. The process requires plans and a permit for your local building department and a licensed Architect, General contractor and plumber. FixMyCodeViolation.com has all of these  professionals in-house. We are able to provide the fastest and most affordable solution to help stop the DERM fines and potential building department code violations for non-compliance. Our turn-key services relieve you from all the work and let you focus on your business and not the fines. If you’d like more information on DERM requirements or your particular needs, please call our office at (305) 222-7784 for a free consultation or schedule a free site visit.

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