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When do I need a Notice Of Commencement in Miami-Dade County?

A Notice Of Commencement is needed in Miami-Dade County when the value if work is $2,500 or greater. Its important to remember that this number includes the FULL value of work; the full value of work includes equipment and finishes of the project. You may sometimes have to provide proof that your value of work doesn’t reach the $2,500 threshold upon inspections. Miami building departments will fail your inspections if you do nog have your Notice Of Commencement (NOC) clearly posted of the job site at the time of the inspection. You can be fined for not having filed your Notice If Commencement prior to calling in your first inspection.
In Miami-Dade County the Process to file the Notice of Commencement is a fairly easy one. The pre-printed form requires basic property and owner information, project scope and cost, contractor and permit information along with any lending company information that may apply. Once the form is filled out and notarized, you must file it at the Miami-Dade Clerk’s office so that it may become public record. This serves as notice to all future interested parties that work has been done to the property. Future buyers and lenders can the check against the stated permit numbers that all inspections have been closed out.
Part of our service involves the filling out and filing of Notice Of Commencement in Miami-Dade County for all our projects. If you have any doubts or questions on the Notice Of Commencement process in Miami, please feel free to contact us at or call us at 305-433-7668 for a free consultation.

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