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Grow House Code Violations

Grow Houses in Miami are one of the big problems that Code Enforcement is facing today. These Code Violations involve houses used for growing marijuana and the elaborate irrigation and UV light systems that are used. The current bad economy has sprung a lot of mom and pop operations in South Florida and present of of the most dangerous code violations. The current surplus of vacant homes makes it easy for grow houses to pop up in suburban neighborhoods. Some unscrupulous individuals rent vacant houses and then fill it with plants, never intending to live in the home and making illegal alterations to suit their operation. The electrical system is illegally upgraded with all of the power needed for such an operation. Electrical panels are overloaded, inappropriate wire gauges are used and create fire hazards making the home’s electrical system a time bomb. Another dangerous electrical code violation typically done grow houses is bypassing the electrical meter and main disconnects and running the service straight into the electrical panel. this is done to keep FPL from noticing increased use or spikes that are out of the ordinary. this building code violation leads to fires and risk of electrocution.

Plumbing systems are altered to provide water for the irrigation system and typically run in pvc systems through the attic. poor pvc connections cause leaks in the attic space and leak own to the home. These homes typically have a great deal of mold due to leaks and increased humidity in the home. The owner is left with a big mess when the perpetrator moves on or is arrested.

The A/C ducts become saturated with the toxic chemicals and moisture. This combination creates a sick building syndrome that makes all who enter the home ill. In most cases the entire system has to be thoroughly cleaned out or even replaced to assure acceptable levels are reached. The homes are usually deemed Unsafe Structures and can be toxic if not properly cleaned out… Including the A/C system.

City of Miami has a Code Compliance Officer as part of the task force that conducts the raids on grow houses. after the arrests have been made and the home cleared of dangers, the officer deals multiple code violations with immediate mandatory fines. The structure quickly goes from generating money to being deep in debt.Code Violations quickly pile on and require the help of an architect and contractor to clear them. On many cases the owner can file an insurance claim to help pay for the repairs. We can help finance repairs and work with your insurance adjuster.

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