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Permit Expired in Miami?
If building and construction work has started in Miami, and your permit is expired, or has been revoked because no progress has been made or the job has been abandoned, a new building permit can be obtained so that you can proceed with the work again.
If your new Miami building permit cannot be obtained within 180 days from the date the initial Miami building permit expires, the Miami building code rep is authorized to demand that any work whether finished or not, must be removed from the building site. Also, a new Miami building permit could be applied for, so long as the work currently in place and is required to complete the structure is accepted by all Miami building code regulations.
The City of Miami or Dade County will send you, the permit holder a notification via mail within 30 days of the time the permit is to expire. If the construction has already started and is inspection ready, the permit holder should ask for an inspection from the Miami Building Department before the permit expires.
WARNING: The Miami Building Code Department will ONLY extend your permit for an additional 180 days. If the work has not yet begun, or is not ready for the inspection, the Miami building permit holder can submit a Miami Permit Extension Request Form before the Miami building permit expiration date.
Miami Building Permit Renewals:
The Miami building permit owner/contractor can ask for a renewal of an expired Miami building permit.
The steps to apply for and obtain a renewal of an expired Miami building permit are as follows:

  1. The qualifier (contractor) that is responsible for the expired permit will need to complete a Request for Renewal of a Building Permit Form. This form is required to be signed and notarized.
  2. The original approved job copy plans will be required for inspections. If the original approved job set cannot be provided, a certified copy of the plans may be requested from our Records section. If no approved or certified copy of the plans can be provided, two new as-built sets of plans will need to be submitted for review.
  3.  If the Request for Permit Renewal is submitted within 180 days of the expiration of the permit the applicant will be required to pay a fee of 25 percent of the original permit fee, plus an additional $57.00 processing fee. If the request for permit renewal occurs after 180 days of the expiration date a fee of 25 percent of the original permit fee, plus a fee of 20 percent of the new permit fee shall be charged.
  4. Once the permit has been renewed the permit holder will be required to request the required inspections for that permit which would include a final inspection that must be approved in order for the permit to be in compliance.