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Miami-Dade Product Approval For Doors and Windows

Florida Building Code (FBC) requires that all windows and doors that are installed (new or replaced) must have a current Miami-Dade Product Approval number or also called a Notice of Acceptance (NOA) and must be coordinated with wind-load calculations to assure that the product can’t withstand the negative and positive pressures exerted by storms and hurricanes. The Wind Pressure calculations are calculated per opening and based on the size of the opening, location of the opening in relation to outside corners and to the height of the opening along the structures elevation. 

The NOA shows all the opening sizes and wind pressures that the product is approved for along with specific attachment methods per scenario. The approval will indicate the specific screw types, lengths, diameters and spacing. These attachment details vary depending on the material of the structure that the windows/doors are attaching to (reinforced concrete, steel, wood etc…). 

Wind-Loadcalculations and NOA coordination should be be done by registered architects or engineers, signed and sealed and submitted to the local building department for permit issuance. Once installed the field inspector will check for installation compliance as per the approval. Always make sure that the Product Approval labels are clearly posted on the windows and doors so the inspector can verify its compliance. 

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