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Miami Code Violations Can Lead To Fines And Liens

Miami Code Violations can vary from fences installed without permits to entire structures but they should all be taken seriously. If left unaddressed all miami violations will begin to accrue daily fines and eventually liens. Fines can vary from $20-$500/day and add up quickly along with tickets initially assessed to the property. The time given by the Miami building department or Miami Fire Department varies and can depend on the violation’s impact to Life Safety and the community. Both departments are always eager to work with property owners to get the issues resolved so extensions can be granted if good faith efforts are made to cure the violations. Typically, Miami Building Department will give you up to 90 days to cure Miami Code Violations and that is enough time to hire the right architect and produce a set of permit drawings and obtain a building permit. Unfortunately some people do nothing the first month or two and use up most of their grace period with the Miami Building Department or Miami Fire Department and this is where the building department can become less lenient. Overall fines can be mitigated with the Miami Building Department only after all the building code violations have been cured and all cases have been closed. The Miami Building Department may take certain factors as prompt cooperation by the property owner and third party conditions into consideration when assessing the final fines and can negotiate a final number for your fines. The important thing to remember with the Miami Building Department is that it’s here to serve the public and isn’t “out to get” any particular property owner and the department is always willing to work with you but their top priority is Life Safety.
We can help you avoid all fines and liens by getting you a permit as fast and Affordably as possible. We are in-house architects and engineers that are experts at dealing with Miami Code Violations and the Miami Building department. Call us today to get your process started 305-433-7668

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