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Miami Code Violations Add Surprises to Homebuyers

ffppw5miyjw6l31zMiami Code Violations have become typical issues for homebuyers in Miami-Dade County. With the wave of foreclosures in Miami in the past decade came new regulation that requires banks to register the foreclosures with the building department and file a Certificate of report (CU) that outlines the issues with the house and all outstanding Miami Code Violations. This Certificate Of Use report informs the Miami Building Department along with the buyer of Miami Zoning Violations , Miami Code Violations and Life Safety Issues that must be addressed to bring the structure into compliance. The Miami-Dade Building Department typically waits until the home is purchased and then notifies the new owners that all Miami Code Violation corrections must be made to bring the structure into compliance. The realtor is typically informed of the Certificate of Use on the property and is required to disclose it to the buyer, however, it is still part if the buyers due diligence. Some buyers aren’t aware of these outstanding Miami Code issues and are then surprised to start receiving Miami Code Violation notices in the mail. The Miami-Dade building department will require immediate action on curing these building code violations…. So make sure to always ask for the Certificate of Use (CU) when buying a foreclosed home in Miami. We can help you perform a full code violation search, miami code inspection or search for a Certificate of Use. Call us at (305)433-7668 or online at

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