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Miami Building Departments Require Flooring Permits

Miami building departments always require a permit to change flooring in condominiums and some municipalities like Miami Beach Building Department require permits for all flooring change outs. Condominiums require flooring permits to assure the appropriate sound proofing underlayments are used. These underlayments reduce the sound transmissions to living units below and help maintain privacy.
The Building Department will require the underlayment that is accepted by the condominium association. The condominium board typically specifies the Sound Transmission Class (STC) that the material must meet to be approved and these work differently with every flooring material. The Building Department will require a specification sheet that details the underlayment’s specifications and methods of installation. These specifications need to be strictly followed at the time of installation to assure the proper sound attenuation and prevent any legal or warranty issues in the future. prior to the flooring being installed a building department inspection is required to assure that the underlayment is present, however, this inspection will not guarantee that you will not have any legal issues with your condo neighbors in the future. The flooring contractor is responsible for assuring that the sound attenuation underlayment is properly installed. When tiling balconies a water proofing membrane is required under the tile.
Careful attention must be given to the selected underlayment as the STC rating is based on the thickness of the concrete slab on which it was tested. The same manufacturer may make underlayments for various thicknesses that meet the requirements or various products that vary slightly per thickness so be careful to use the proper product. This will save you time at the building department and troubles down the road.
When building code violations are issued for changing flooring without a permit a full inspection is required of underlayments and membranes. This typically requires a few pieces of the tile to be pulled for inspectors to view the membrane (a closet is a good place to pull up the sample tiles).

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