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Expired Building Permits and How To Close Them

Building Permits can expire for a variety of reasons. In some cases the project is abandoned, the owner and contractor enter a dispute and the time lapses, owner runs out of money and the project is put on hold or many other reasons but regardless of the cause an expired permit can cause a headache when it comes time sell.

There is no set way to deal with Expired Building Permits in Florida, each Building Department can approach it as they see fit. In most jurisdictions the Building Department will allow the same contractor or new contractor deactivate the same permit number and they will honor any approved inspections. This is the best case scenario in which you can continue using the same plans and build under the Building Code that you started with.

A not so pleasant alternative is when the Building Department requires you to resubmit your permit drawings and they are re-evaluated under the most current code. Odds are that your original may not meet this more stringent code and changes will be required both in the plans and work already performed, however, in most cases the building department will allow a registered Architect or Engineer to sign off on concealed conditions by means of an As-Built Certificate.


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