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Replacing Kitchen Cabinets Requires a Permit

It may seem hard to believe but replacing kitchen cabinets does require a building permit but it true! Most home owners don’t know this and all millworker contractors DO know it but prefer to skip this simple step… a potentially expensive step for you if you get caught.
The building department’s concern isn’t so much the actual cabinets but more the associated trades that are affected such as electrical, plumbing, mechanical, fire sprinkler systems, etc…

Building codes are constantly being updated so you will more than likely have to bring most of your systems up to date when you change your cabinets such as grounding electrical outlets in kitchen wok areas, their quantity, spacing and heights. In condominiums you may have to connect exhaust hoods to common building exhaust systems if they are available along with any plumbing modifications that may be needed to meet the most current code.

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