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Miami Dade Building Department And Code Enforcement

The Miami Dade Building Department Code Enforcement office can be a frustrating place when dealing with code violations. When issued a building code violation, the Miami Dade Building Department should be your first stop. Typically your Notice Of Violation (NOV) has the name of the inspector that is handling your case and you are always welcome to sit with them to discuss your case. The Code Enforcement officer will show you all the documentation that they have on file for your case and discuss your options. Part of their processing involves permit history searches to assure that there truly is a permit issue. If the code enforcement officer finds a building permit then the case is closed, however, this building permit search can also lead to other unpermitted issues being found. The same can be said for the code enforcement officer’s site visit, once the code enforcement officer enters the property to document an issue then he has authority to inspect the entire property for code violations.
Although it may be hard to believe at times, the code enforcement officers are eager to help and close out the cases to provide a safer setting.
Your second step is to contact and get your building permit process started. We can help with the floor plans, permit processing and construction. Call us for a free phone consultation today and stop the clock on fines 305-433-7668.

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