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Yes, You Can Sell a House with Building Code Violations!

A house can be sold with building code violations and fines. Make sure to do your homework on the property before making your purchase. At least once a week we get a call from a frustrated client who got a great deal on a property and several months later finds a notice of fines due for existing code violations. Unfortunately they’re part of the ‘great deal’ and the new owner IS responsible for them. The seller is typically required by law to disclose all unresolved code violations and fines but obviously that doesn’t always happen.

Existing fines are a particular bad problem on foreclosed properties that have been sitting for a while because the fines keep accumulating. The good news is that these fines can typically be negotiated. We have successfully saved up to 35% for some of our clients. The key is to be pro-active when dealing with your local building department instead of just letting your time run out or hope for miracles. Schedule a meeting with your local Building Official to discuss your options and getting an architect on board should be your first steps.

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