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Getting an Extension on Code Violations

Code Violations typically come with a 90 day time limit to correct the violation…. unfortunately our clients wait until the 89th day to come to us but we can still help! Building departments will grant extensions on code violations as long as they see that some positive action has been taken. One typical thing required is a letter of engagement from us stating that we are now on the job and on our way to producing drawings to obtain the permit and correct the code violation and when possible we produce a preliminary set of plans review with the plans examiners at the building department.

In cases where the code violations are inherited with the purchase of the property or some other financial hardship can be proven they will grant up to a second extension (but only with proof that you are working on the project).

The Code Compliance offices are well aware that with the current economy it is hard to make immediate corrections needed to comply with the current code and typically does their best to work with us on extensions and ways to provide affordable solutions to the problem. The one thing you should never do is ignore the problem and the Notice of Violation (N.O.V.) because it will not simply go away. Fines will begin to mount and eventually a lien will be filed on the property making the corrections that much harder to afford.

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