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Code Violation Services Offered
Our team of licensed professionals specialize in resolving local Zoning Code violations and Florida Building Code issues related to properties. Servicing the Florida area for over 15 years, our team of experts can help you with all your permit needs.We realize that time is the most valuable asset when dealing with real estate transactions and having the right experts on your side can make the difference in closings and stopping the clock on fines.
Miami Building Code Violation Inspections
Our Miami building code violation architects are licensed by the state of Florida. They are experts in conducting inspections to detect Miami building and zoning violations in homes, businesses and other types of buildings. The exact steps required in this inspection process can vary somewhat from one property to another. For example, in some cases a simple analysis of the original building blueprints will be all that is necessary, while in others an actual physical examination of the building will be required as well. Regardless of the exact steps involved in the inspection, our architects will compare all details of the building with the requirements in the “Florida Building Code and Ordinances” for your area.
In addition to simply determining whether some type of violation exists, our specialists will also design a detailed, customized plan for how to correct those problems, all of which is explained in the extensive individual report you receive after the inspection for only $250. Keep in mind that an ordinary home inspection, while important before purchasing a home, will not cover the issues checked during this type of inspection.
Miami Building Code Violation Repairs
If the inspection discovers one or more Miami building and zoning violations in the home, and if it is found to need repairs of some kind to correct the violations, our licensed construction team will create a detailed estimate of the cost of these repairs for no additional charge. This estimate will also include details on the amount of time the repairs will take, how it will impact the house in the meantime and any other relevant information you might wish to know. All of the work required is guaranteed to meet or exceed the requirements of the Florida building code.
40 Year Recertification Inspections
Even if there is no other particular reason to believe a Miami building and zoning violation might exist for a particular building, a structural and electrical inspection is required for all buildings in Miami-Dade and Broward counties when they turn 40 years old – as well as every 10 years thereafter. These counties require these inspections to be conducted by a registered Florida engineer or architect. Not only do these inspections help prevent potentially serious structural or electrical failures, they also help ensure that the buildings are prepared for the inevitable arrival of the area’s next hurricane. Having this type of inspection performed can help owners make sure they are prepared for repairs or renovations that may need to be performed on the house in the future as well.

When your home reaches 40 years old, you will be sent a “Notice of Required Recertification” letter from the county. You will then have 90 days from the date of the letter’s arrival to have the necessary inspection completed. As you can imagine, then, having the inspection performed as promptly as possible can save you a lot of hassle and even expense later.

Certificate of Use (Miami-Dade County Ordinance No. 08-133)
Residential properties in Miami-Dade County that are acquired through a Certificate of Title – such as foreclosures and judgments – fall under Ordinance No. 08-133. The ordinance states that the holder of a certificate of title for a foreclosed-upon property must obtain a Certificate of Use (CU) from Dade County’s Zoning Department before the property can be resold. Obtaining a Certificate of Use requires the property owner to have an inspection conducted by a licensed engineer. After the inspection, the Miami building department must review a full report, which must also be filed in the public records. The owner is also responsible for paying all applicable review fees and recording fees. The entire process generally takes about five business days. Miami ordinance applies to any type of residential structure, including ordinary homes, condos, duplexes and townhouses.
Open or Expired Miami Building Permits
Miami building permits have a time limitation and are deemed null and void if the work is not completed and inspected, and the permit subsequently closed, within the time allowed by the Florida Building Code. A permit which has been issued but never properly inspected and not closed by the municipality are referred to as open or expired. These permits remain attached to the property until closed. Our team can reopen expired permits and get you credit for previous approved inspections to close out permits and clear your property.
Wind Load Calculations for Windows, Doors and Shutters / Miami-Dade Product Approvals & Notice of Acceptance (NOA)
The Miami, Florida Building Code requires that all new windows, doors or shutters be tested and assigned a Notice Of Acceptance prior to be installed in structures. They must withstand the specific Wind Loads for the area they are being installed. Wind load refers to the forces or pressures exerted on a structure and the components comprising the structure (i.e., garage doors, entry doors and windows) due to wind. Wind-load pressures are displayed in positive and negative numbers because wind pressures are assumed to act both toward and away from a building surface. When the forces act toward the structure, they are categorized as positive pressures. On the other hand, when wind pressures act away from the structure, they are labeled as negative pressures. Impact-resistant windows and doors are tested for both pressures, negatives and positives. The NOAs show detailed wind-load pressures for each window dimension that passed the test. Wind-load calculations refer to the both negative and possitive pressures that structural engineers will calculate for us in order to cost-efficiently design a glazing solution for a specific property or structure. Without the wind load calculations, we don’t know with certainty if the window meets and exceeds the potential wind forces during a hurricane.

We can provide you with the specific wind loads per opening and coordinate them with your NOA to get you the required building permits.

Miami Zoning Violations – General Information
In the case of a Miami zoning ordinance violation, you could be notified by the city of Miami, your Dade County or by the state of Florida about the issue. This notification could be delivered through the mail, by a government inspector or by some other source. Regardless of the exact details, you will be given a period of time to correct the problem before further steps are taken. This is for your benefit, so take the warning seriously. Failure to correct the violations could lead to additional legal problems in the future. Our job is to prevent this from happening.
Miami Zoning Violations – Inspections Work!
Our team will conduct a fully licensed engineering inspection of your property to identify its zoning violation or violations. We will verify that you truly are in violation of a Miami zoning ordinance, and will answer any questions that you may have about the situation. In some cases, we may find that the governing body was in error and your property is actually not in violation of any Miami zoning ordinances after all. Whether this is the case with your property or not, we will provide you with a full report and a detailed means of dealing with the situation.
Miami Zoning Violations – Guaranteed Repairs
If during the inspection we determine that some type of repairs, renovation or reconstruction of your property will be necessary to resolve the open Miami building permit zoning violation or violations, we will provide you with a free estimate of the cost to do so. All work performed by our licensed Florida contractors is 100 percent guaranteed to meet or exceed all standards set by the Miami Florida Building Code. We have over 30 years of hands-on experience in doing so, and we are affordable. Call us toll free today!
Certificate of Use
Not only will you receive a detailed report from our engineering inspectors after they complete their examination of your home or property, you will also receive official photographs that are admissible as evidence in a court of law. In fact, the judicial system in this area depends on the reports of Florida licensed architects bound by both ethical and legal guidelines in ruling on foreclosed properties in a court of law. If necessary, our inspectors can also provide expert witness testimony on your behalf.

Schedule your Certificate of Use: Schedule CU 08-133 inspection today. If you have any questions, please call us to speak with a member of our team for no charge. If you wish, you can also schedule a Certificate of Use inspection online.

We only charge $695 for a Certificate of Use inspection. The filing fees total $414, and the site plan (when required) costs only $100. Properties with lots larger than ½ acre will require a land survey as well. The total cost for the Certificate of Use is $1,106.50. You will not find yourself faced with hidden charges, rush fees, courier fees and the like after the inspection is completed. We believe that our work should be completed promptly, filed immediately and performed for a fair price. Call us today to set up your inspection.

As-Built Plans – As-Built Certificate
From liens against the property, to Miami code violations, to illegal constructions, to a variety of other issues, as-built inspections can provide you with a resolution to any issue that may prevent you from moving forward with your home, business or other type of property. As-built inspections, as you can imagine from the name, are simply designed to resolve all as-built issues, ensuring full code compliance.
As-Built Plans – Benefits of As-Built Plans
The most important benefit of an As-Built Plan is simply that it ensures that all was built according to plan. Our job is to provide you with official verification that all aspects of the property were constructed according to plan. If the inspection determines that that is not the case, our general contractors can resolve any issues for you promptly and efficiently.
Balcony Handrail Inspection Services
If you own a hotel building with three or more stories, the Florida Administrative Code for Public Lodging Establishments Section 509.2112 requires you to submit a Certificate of Balcony Inspection to Florida officials every three years. Fortis Lamas Architects can complete this inspection for you. As with our other inspections, after our experts complete it, you will receive a detailed report with our observations and recommendations. After any required repairs are completed, you will be issued an official Certificate of Balcony Inspection that you can then submit to your local officials.
Additional Services:
Certificate of Occupancy
Life Safety Violations
Class II Permits
Egress Window Violations
ADA Violations
Fencing Permits
Home Owner Associations (H.O.A)
REO Services
Design-Build Services
New Construction
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